Without sunlight, everything starts to look dull and dreary. Not only does natural light uplift your mood, but it is also great for your health and helps you cut down on an ever-increasing electricity bill.

Over the years, more and more homebuyers are listing “lots of natural light” as one of their main requirements when buying a new home. They are also willing to exceed their budget and pay more for such a home.

If you are looking to increase the natural light in your room, you do not need to throw large sums of money on renovation. Below is a guide that will help you ensure more sunlight gets into your room (and house).

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1.   Mirrors and Shiny Objects

A common tip is to add a mirror to a small room to give it the illusion of more space. But what about adding a mirror across a window? This is a smart way to double the amount of sunlight in your room. Since mirrors and shiny things reflect light, you can add them to different parts of your room.

Mirrors are not the only sunlight-friendly option you have! You can opt for some furniture that has glass, chrome, or mirrored accents, or even metallic light fixtures and faucets. Instead of choosing boring photo frames, select ones that are lined with silver. You can also have some metallic finish on the ceiling or festive nickel cabinet pulls that will throw light back into the room and brighten up any dark space.

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2.   Color Palette

If you paid attention in art class, you would know that some colors can absorb light, while the rest will reflect it. Dark shades like blue, black, and grey will absorb light. This means that regardless of the amount of light you may have, your room will appear dull because of the colors of the wall or furniture. However, if you were to paint your room white, cream, or light tan, it would automatically help the light bounce across the room.

The ceiling is also extremely important. By painting it lighter than the wall, you can make your room look brighter, taller, and bigger.

A shiny or semi-gloss paint on the walls will help attract more sunlight into the room.

3.   Skylights

One of the most effective ways to attract more sunlight into a room is by adding skylights. You can choose between loads of sizes, configurations, and types. Skylights are usually installed in high-traffic areas, including common spaces and bathrooms.

Adding a skylight will require you to cut through the roof, build a skylight well, and then install the skylight while ensuring that there is no leak. Even though this is a bigger, more expensive investment, skylights are known as “light magnets” and will seriously help reduce your electricity bill. Even with a little moonlight, your room will be filled with light.

What are you waiting for? Take our advice and follow these ways to ensure more sunlight gets into your room. Doing so will lead to a massive improvement in your work environment, mood, and of course, your health!