A home is your sanctuary, a place that you call yours, a place you own. Everyone wants to have the best house in town that accommodates to the needs of its resident and that of any guests coming over.  

Don’t you just love it when someone complements your home? Don’t you love the feeling of being appreciated for something that you built and designed on your own? Do you want to be known for your exceptional taste in home décor?  

Of course, you do. We know the feeling.  

Here are some effective designing hacks that are bound to earn you some praise from your guests: 

  1. Special Attention to the Doorway 

You should always go an extra mile while maintaining the entrance to your home. Always try to set the mood as soon as a guest enters your house. Your home should give them an idea of your personality, so spruce things up in a way that shows YOU off. Are you a big fan of contemporary design? Flood the entrance to your home with artwork. Do you prefer a minimalist lifestyle? Multipurpose shelves are the way to go. 

Also, while you’re thinking about the décor, you can’t forget the pain. Painting your walls with a strong color sets the tone just right! 

  1. Maneuver Your Way into the Grandiosity of Your House 

Your living room is the place that enhances the look and feel of your house. It should have plenty of space for guests to explore the place comfortably. Always keep it subtle with a touch of minimalism. Try to place limited pieces of furniture in your living room so that your home doesn’t appear crowded to the guests. 

  1. Mix and Match Accordingly 

You might think that getting beautiful pieces of furniture and long, flowy curtains are enough to give your place the appropriate look. However, there are more important things that contribute to the entire look of a home. 

Always remember to mix and match. The color of your walls and the decoration of your ceilings should complement the rest of the room. Putting in a few expensive items is not enough. You have to put in some thought as well to give the perfect complimenting look to your place.  

  1. Glass Tables to the Rescue! 

Your dining area will likely be the most used space of the house. Try to keep it as subtle and bright as possible. You do not want to put shady curtains and wooden tables in there to darken the place. Instead, place a glass table at the center of the room that can reflect light. Access to natural light gives a warm look to your place. It also contributes to warmth and openness in the environment. The brighter the place, the better your guests will feel! 

Final Word 

Earning well-deserved complements and a few precious words of praise never harmed anyone. Design your home in a way that it catches the eye and captures the interest of your guests as soon as they enter your space.