A well-lit fireplace can be the highlight of your living room. However, if this place in your home is well-lit, but it still looks shady and dingy, then it needs to have a makeover.  

You can either go for a quick weekend hustle or completely renovate the place. Either way, your fireplace needs some uplifting to add value to your living room.  

Here are some ways to uplift your fireplace. These tips will help you spruce up the place and add loads of value to your living room: 

  1. Adding a Mantel  

A fireplace is incomplete without a mantel. If you feel like your fireplace lacks something, add a striking mantel that complements your place. It is an easy investment as fancy, striking mantels are available at reasonable prices in the market.  

We recommend getting a wooden mantel as it adds warmth and sets an authentic tone for the fireplace.  

  1. Contrasting Hues 

Add colors to your fireplace to really change up the look of the place. The dark, shady black may have been in at some point in time, but multiple colors always set the mood right. Change the entire look of your fireplace by painting it with a bright color that complements the rest of the living room.  

  1. Conspicuous Artwork 

Keeping it simple is so outdated! Try to add funky colors and gripping artwork to your fireplace. Change the look by adding a few pieces that are eye-catching and captivating simultaneously. 

The artwork tends to catch the onlooker’s eye, drawing their attention to the middle of the room. This idea can work in your favor if you have the right eye for captivating artwork (and, of course, if it works within your budget constraints). 

  1. Give It a Natural Touch 

Natural settings beat artificial ones at every turn. Surround your fireplace with natural elements such as carving stones all around the fire, which can really spruce up the place. The natural setting gives a cozy yet inviting vibe to the place.  

  1. Chic Screen  

A chic yet modern-looking screen secures your fireplace in a way that it looks aloof yet tempting to outsiders. Also, if you have small kids running around in your living room, inserting a fireplace screen is the wise choice to keep the kids away from fire.  

  1. Make a Statement 

If you think you want to spruce up your fireplace in a near-fancy way, make a statement by securing the place with exquisite tiles all around. Installing tiles tend to make a tiny place look bigger, adding taste and class to it in the process.   

Final Word 

A fireplace is the highlight of your living room. It should be appealing enough to draw attention to itself and make the entire space look great at the same time. Make sure to keep it classy.