There is nothing worse than having a bunch of things and not knowing where to keep them. After all, you have to clean up the mess in your room at some point, right? 

Since we understand how tight everyone can be on space, we have written this article to bless you with a more spacious bedroom. It is time to unleash the absolute storage potential of your bedroom and maximize space. 

  • Shelves Along Your Bedroom Walls

Finding storage space is all about spotting unused space and utilizing it. The least-used space that many people miss out on is the 12-inch bedroom walls right under the ceiling.

You can install shelves along your bedroom’s perimeter. This will free up loads of storage space that can be used to stock your storybooks. 

  • Binder Clips to Organize Chargers

You might not notice, but your laptop and phone cables are taking up a lot of space, not to mention the mess they make. Even though they look sleek and tiny, they just add to the clutter when they get tangled up. 

The best way to deal with this mess is to use binder clips. This is one of the best storage hacks, especially for tight spaces. You can clip the binder clips at the edge of your desk and secure your charging wires through it. This will keep all your wires, including your headphones, untangled. 

  • Extra Closet Space

Who doesn’t want some extra closet space? We can finally get rid of the chair that stores so many piles of our clothes. 

While having a closet is absolutely necessary, you can do with some extra space for your clothes. Simply get a rack that you can pop in the corner of your room and hang your clothes on it every day. 

  • Headboard with Storage

Does your bed occupy most of the space in your bedroom? Fret not; we have a solution for you! You can use your bed as a bit of storage space, starting from the very top end.

It is easy to find headboards with storage options that give you some extra space for magazines, books, and even space bulbs and batteries. 

  • Make Space for your Laundry Hamper

It is common to see the clothes hamper taking up three feet of space in the room or bathroom, but is there a smarter solution? 

Instead of using up precious space for your dirty clothes, simply get a hanging hamper that can be hung on your bedroom or bathroom door. You can also hang it on your closet door and take advantage of all the extra space that has opened up. 

Which one of these storage hacks can you use? Remember, the trick is to utilize all the possible space in your room so that none of it is wasted. This will help keep your room clean at all times.