The kitchen is typically seen as a functional space in a home. Many, if not most, homeowners consider it as the behind-the-scenes chamber that churns out all that is good, aka food in the house, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be visually appealing. As long as a kitchen is serving (pun intended) its purpose, it shouldn’t need any cosmetic touchups. If you believe the same notion, it’s time to change your views.

Yes, a kitchen fundamentally has to be functional, but that doesn’t mean it cannot exhibit some drama and aesthetic panache. Besides, a well-designed, alluring cooking space is much more inviting, which means you would want to cook even when you don’t have to and enjoy daily meal preps. To help you create an attractive kitchen, we have some outstanding color combos that will lend your scullery a cheerful vibe and delightful personality.

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Dark Plum

Before you gasp in horror over the idea of coloring your kitchen walls with dark plum, allow us to paint a picture for you involving a plum accent wall.

Plum is a dark pigment, no doubt about that, and painting it on every wall might not be the wisest decor choice. However, coupling dark plum on a wall with pastel blue or beige in the rest of the kitchen creates a chic visual, which is also tremendously welcoming. You can also go with a muted gray lacquer on all the walls except one. And to complete the look, paint the cabinets in the same shade as the one on all the other walls in your kitchen. Doing so will lend the space harmony and an overall color scheme, naturally.

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Dark Pink/Magenta and White Concrete Walls

Again, before you scorn at the idea of painting your kitchen pink or magenta, let us tell you what we have in mind.

When we say color your kitchen dark pink, we don’t mean hot pink, making your kitchen look like a place out of the Barbie world. Instead, we want you to use ruby pink or magenta varnish on the feature wall or just the cabinetry and keep the rest of your kitchen concrete white. Believe it or not, the final aesthetic achieved from said color combo will be intoxicatingly enchanting. Give it a try to find out.

Dark Teal Green and Textured Walls

Nothing enlivens a place like a touch of rich teal on the walls. Stain your kitchen walls with dark teal paired with concrete textured wallpaper to balance out the flamboyance of the green hue. You can even choose to do a teal-colored accent wall and apply a textured wallpaper on the rest.

Regardless of how you decide to work with the ever-elegant color combo, the outcome will stay the same; an unmatched classiness.

Black and White

Black and white together is perhaps the best color duo to glam up a place. So, It’s pretty much a given that the timeless monochromatic pair on your kitchen walls will do up your scullery like a charm.

Ending Note

Don’t shy away from bright blues and glorious greens for being too flashy, instead embrace dark hues in your home décor to uplift the overall mood of your place. That said, be mindful of your choices and stay within the realm of tasteful color combinations for your kitchen. And with our roundup of kitchen paint ideas, you can easily make out how to use rich colors to create a sophisticated aesthetic.