Exterior remodeling will enhance your home’s curb appeal, make your living space more comfortable, and give you a house you’ll love coming home to.

For an older home, upgrading the siding to something more modern will make all the difference. If the exterior of your home is beginning to show some damage, the exterior renovation will help prevent further damage. An exterior remodel will make your home an absolute pleasure and add value.

With exterior remodels in the Bay Area the possibilities are endless. We can remove years of weather damage in just a few weeks, build a wrap-around porch where you can sit back and enjoy the beautiful weather, or fix all the little things that bug you about your home’s exterior. We’ll help you create an exterior that you’ll want to show off, and a house that makes you truly happy every time you come home. Pools, outdoor kitchens, and pergolas are just some of the additions we can create to make your exterior every homeowner’s dream.

Decor Builders is involved in every step of the project, so we will get things done quickly without compromising on quality. We have eyes and ears on every phase from obtaining permits to creating 3D renderings of your project, building, finishing, and clean-up.

The exterior is the face of your home. If you want your home to stand out from other homes in the area, an exterior renovation is just what you need. An exterior renovation will increase the value of your home. First impressions are everything – give your home the exterior upgrade it deserves.