Rebuild Your Bathroom Better

We spend a lot of time in bathrooms. There’s nothing to be ashamed of about it. We have to, it’s part of the necessary processes of being a living thing. We eat, and then what we eat has to go somewhere once our body is done digesting it. So if you’re going to spend a lot of time in a bathroom, you may as well make that time pleasant.

Heated Floor

Have you ever gotten up at night to take care of business, still a little groggy and tired, only to get sharply woken up by the icy cold touch of a bathroom floor? There’s no way around it, is there? You’re not going to replace it with carpet. And a rug? That turns into a mildew trap in no time.

Imagine if you could route some of the heating from your home into the floor? Step out of a medium to cold shower and feel a nice body-temperature touch work its way up from your heels through your legs. If there’s any room that deserves a heated floor in a house, it’s the one you’re most likely to be naked in.

Jacuzzi bath

Are you more of a bath person? Like to unwind after a long day with a deep, warm soak? But do you wish there was a little more action in the tub? It’s not something a few extra ducks or bath bombs will fix. (Don’t use multiple bath bombs, the extra sediment and drain damage isn’t worth the experience.)

Get a new bath, and with a press of a button, enjoy the appeal of a jacuzzi jet without the embarrassment of having to go into a public one at the local pool or gym. They’d shame your choice of rubber ducks for sure. You deserve to jacuzzi in peace!

Jacuzzi Tub - Bath Renovation

Wall faucet shower

Maybe you’re more of a no-nonsense shower person. You just want to step in, get clean, and step out again. But one faucet is never enough. It only goes in one direction, and your whole body has to deal with the runoff from the half-soapy water that trails from your head.

With a new shower you can gain a new experience. Multi-angled showerheads out of the walls to hit you all over with the same water. Not more water, mind you. The same amount, at different pressures. Take a full soak while standing up and spend no extra water charges. Unless you happen to like it enough to turn a ten minute shower into 20.


Just hear me out. Yeah, it’s weird, but most of the rest of the world is already doing it. There are even bidets that can be installed by hand (with gloves) that use up the water in the tank; the clean water in the back of the toilet, not the stuff that you definitely don’t want coming back up.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on toilet paper to make sure you get it all gone, and it always takes one more square than you think, you could reduce that down to one single square, just to dry, because it’ll already be clean. You’re going to spend hundreds of hours on the toilet, you may as well make that time a little bit cleaner.