Keeping the living room clutter-free is a tough job, mainly because we are so used to storing stuff that we don’t want to throw out in the living room. Even things that hold a special place in our hearts look like clutter because they have not been stored properly or have not been taken out of their plastic wrap.

Instead of throwing everything in the trash when decluttering your living room, learn to clear up the mess bit by bit so that there are no feelings of regret or anxiety later.

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The Problem

Since most kitchens are close to the living room, we spend most of our time there as soon as we are done cooking or cleaning the stoves. Since this room serves such versatile purposes, it becomes a high-traffic place where we tend to dump most of our things. This includes personal belongings, including shoes and shopping bags, as well as entertainment things, including movies and game sets.

The living room is likely to become a storage place for clutter since you would probably think you can get your things from there later. This mindset, coupled with the fact that as human beings, we cannot stop accumulating things, makes our living room look cluttered and intimidating.

This article will help you get rid of things you no longer need or use from your living room and transfer them to your bedroom or the trashcan. Are you ready to make your living room breathable again?

Decide What Belongs and Doesn’t Belong in the Living Room

Decluttering the living room means deciding how you want to use your current space. What is the purpose of the living room in your house? What do you usually do there? Do you want to use the place differently in the future?

Answering these questions will make your aim clearer in your head, giving you a methodological framework to follow through as you declutter the living room.

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Sorting Things

When you start to get rid of the clutter in your living room, you will want to grab some trash bags or boxes to store things appropriately. The idea is to sort things out in particular categories depending on what you want to do with each thing you find in the living room.

  1. Trash

Look for things that cannot be used, are irreparable, and have no place in your home. Throw these in the trash. If these are things that you could possibly want to recycle, store them in a trash bag with a clear label.

2.    Relocate

Are there some things in your living room that are in good shape and you once used to love but don’t have it in you to give them away? These are the things that you can relocate since you do not plan on throwing them away. Put them in a trash bag with a clear label.

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3.    Donate

If there are things that you do not need, use, or love anymore but are in decent condition, you can donate them to underprivileged communities. Believe it or not, your waste could be another family’s blessings. Store these carefully in a bag with a clear label.

4.    Repair

Everyone has things that aren’t in the greatest conditions, but you keep delaying the repair job. It is time to get these things sorted and repaired so that you can start using them. Store them in a bag that you can later send to the carpenter’s shop.

Bottom Line

We know that the living room works as a break room in most homes. This is a place you deserve to relax and enjoy yourself in. However, since so many activities usually take place here, especially if you have kids you want to keep an eye on as you cook, the living room is prone to clutter.

Understanding how you want to use the space will make the process of decluttering easier and the process less time consuming and intimidating.

Are you ready to clean up your surroundings and make your home look new again?