Your home requires maintenance every now and then. This means that you will need to get the interior and exterior walls painted, especially if you want your house to look respectable and its value to stay high. You can have the most beautiful and retro kitchen, bathroom, and living room, but if the walls have cracks, your home will continue to look sad.

Moreover, paint also keeps your house’s exterior safe from environmental elements. It is an investment that you will be grateful for in the long run. 

Here are some signs that your house needs to be repainted:

  • Signs of Water Damage

If the paint in your house is cracking, peeling, or bubbling, you have a problem. This shows that your previous painter did not do a great job with the paint or that external elements are affecting the paint. 

Moreover, if your house has dry rot or mold, the paint will start to wear down. Dealing with these problems the minute you notice them will allow you to save money in the long-term.

  • Fading Paint

Is the white paint in your house that was once vibrant starting to look yellow and dull? Tired-looking and dull paint show that your walls need a touch-up.

Remember, dark walls fade sooner than light walls. Hence, it is important to be attentive and paint the walls soon so that they do not affect the entire ambiance of your house.

  • Gaps and Shrinking

If you notice that the exterior of your house looks like it is shrinking, it probably is. Shrinking and gaps between boards are obvious signs of an urgent need for repainting.

Sometimes, this can happen because of dry rot. This means that moisture may have found its way into the food. Before you repaint the walls yourself, get a professional to check out the intensity of the damage.

  • Selling

If you are putting your house on the market, a paint job is an absolute necessity. The first thing potential buyers will look at is how well the house is maintained and whether there are any obvious faults in the structure. If the paint is damaged and the walls look ugly, your house will look dull. 

Remember, the interior and exterior walls of the house need to look fresh. A fresh coat of paint helps make the house look lively, clean and encourages good vibes.

Bottom Line

Don’t wait for the paint in your house to get worse before you get around to repainting it. Just as you would like to replace the roof before it caves in, repaint your house to keep it in shape.

Get the exterior of your house painted every five years at the very most. Wood surfaces should be painted every three years, aluminum siding every five years, and stucco every four years. Of course, this also depends on the quality of paint used, the amount of prep work, and the weather conditions you live in.