A Room Worth Living In

The Living Room is an often overlooked room for how over-traveled, overused and over reliant many people are on it. It’s the hub of the home for many people. It’s either the first or most important room you pass through, and because of that, it has all your favorite things. A soft seat, a TV; it’s where you make your Living in your home. And that’s it. Really? Just a dented sofa and the TV from your last place?

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Your Living Room may look more like a Dead Room. Take these tips to heart and make that room Alive again.

Bring Life Inside

You don’t have to be the only living thing in your Living Room. Host some plants. Not just one or two for the corner, and no plastic. Real plants. Stiff ferns, potted flowers, a ficus or two, even a miniature tree, all of it can fit in the Living Room and change the space into an outside-brought-in natural space. The smell of fresh dirt, water and fresh oxygen will be your natural deodorizers. And, it adds a relieving hobby of plant care to your daily repertoire. Now you and your indoor garden can enjoy binging Netflix together.

Fresh Coat of Color

Is your Living Room not quite alive when it comes to the walls? Changing the atmosphere of your house can be as easy as unrolling some new wallpaper, or applying a new coat of paint. Make a choice, and be daring with it. All green? Gradient shades? Bring in some faux wood paper and turn the bland drywall into a rustic cabin, or a stoney earthen cobblestone layout.

A Pet’s Day In

If you have pets, ask yourself, where is their favorite place? Probably close to you. Give up some space of your own and set up a doggy daycare heaven, or a cat’s fancy of fixtures to climb and hide in so you can share your living space with your little living family members. Invest in some cat-proof furniture, and an “accident” proof carpet. You never know what you might spill. (or what the Dog might spill)

Hide in Plain Sight

Get a nice, comfy ottoman. Nothing curious or strange about it. Except, it’s hollow. Still, nothing fancy. Now, put your bookshelf in there. The sofa? Fold-out bed. The TV stand? Everything underneath it is a drawer with ports for wires that are already plugged into the wall and back of the TV. Get some folding furniture and turn your Living Room into a multifunctional array without changing the look. You might pack in so many other rooms into one you could end up forgetting what the other rooms in your house are supposed to do.

Live-In Room

The purpose of a Living Room isn’t just lounging or taking a break without committing to a bed. It should be a place that is the liveliest, and you’re at your most alive, awake and active when you’re doing what you love. Dedicate the space to entertainment, to exercise, to whatever you’re into and use it as a hub for all of your daily relaxation needs. No more reading by night light, read by sunlight. Don’t browse the web on the toilet, lay back and do it in an indoor hammock. Make your Living Room a place where you want to live for the rest of your life. That way, when the work is over or the day gets started, you’ll have somewhere to go to feel like you’re Living the right way.

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