Don’t get Bored of Floors

What’s that sound? When you’re walking through your home? Is the wind tilting the house off its foundation? Or are your floors just kind of creaky?

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It may be easy to take for granted, but the floors of a home are an essential part of every single room. They hold up furniture, fixtures, appliances, and you. And due to gravity, they are also the most frequently damaged parts of a home and the most accident prone. It’s much easier to drop something and dent a floor than drop it and dent a wall.

We overlook our floors – because they’re beneath eye level – but they’re still important. And maybe the floors you currently have just aren’t working anymore. What kind of floors should you try out instead?


The all-purpose comfort flooring for any and every room. Even just half an inch of wool shag cushions the feet and provides a comforting support. It simulates the sensation of walking on grass outside and triggers comfort in the older parts of our brains. However, it’s not without issues. Carpets are fabric. They absorb water and can stain easily. Hard scrubbing can take it out, but there’s also the issue of traffic. The more a carpet is walked over, the flatter it gets over time. Eventually, even the force of a vacuum cleaner won’t fluff it up again. It’s least popular in kitchens and bathrooms. Really, any room with potential leaks, a carpet is the worst idea.


The name is as simple as the appearance. Paneled wood gives a feeling of authenticity. This is the floor, it’s all you get. A proper varnish and lacquer can really bring the natural, earthy tones of wood to life and make it feel more vibrant, and there are tons of shades and tones to choose from. However, wood can break. Even the hardest wood can splinter if something heavy or sharp falls onto it. Then, at best, you’re left with a scratch. Any polishing or buffering out will be noticeable when the rest of the wood isn’t as treated around the spot. It’s appealing, but can be hard to maintain.

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Available by the roll, the synthetic fabric can give all the appeal of a wooden floor without as much of the hassle. It’s usually only a few centimeters thick. It’s hard and slick and stain resistant. But, it’s technically a kind of carpet. It can be self installed, just roll it out, but watch out for bubbles. If you mess it up once you’ll likely have to picked it all up and start over. Even experts can have a tough time, and if the floor underneath moves, the rest will too.


Harder than stone, thicker than vinyl. Stone or stone-like tile solutions are the heartiest and longest lasting. They’re unlikely to break unless you’re trying really hard, and even then they’ll be so securely placed that the chunks will remain as uniquely cobbled patterns. Each of the other mentioned solutions, however, have a level of conductivity to them. They can trap and maintain heat. Stone tile floors can’t. They are always either cold or, if sunlight is exposed on them for long, hot. There’s no fair middle ground, so they’re not the best for barefoot walking around.

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