Your Next Garage Project

Is your garage serving as a storage space for all your unwanted, unneeded, unused or unsalvageable pieces of household clutter? Broken vacuum cleaners that are just a little too big for the bin or appliances that can get working again if you just had the time or the space to do it? And meanwhile, your car still has to navigate its way past the clutter where a second car could easily fit, if not for all the nails and metal shavings littering the floor?

You may not pass through it as often as your living room but the Garage is an essential part of any home that it’s attached to (or detached from). Your car deserves just as nice of a shelter as you have, and you deserve a nicer space to keep up with all the not-quite-outdoor work that needs to be done. So consider making some changes to your garage space to fit with an improved version of your lifestyle.

The Showcase Room

If you have a nice car, you might want to show it off, but keeping it parked outside is a big hassle. Birds, rain, ornery kids; there are dangers lurking everywhere that could ruin the perfect varnish of your luxury item.

Consider expanding the outside surface with a window. Full pane glass panels, durable against heavy weather and heavy mischief, that can show off your car. Just make sure the area around the car is clean, too.

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The Workshop

Let’s say you have a car that wants to be outdoors, a rugged heavy-duty deal. It doesn’t need a roof, it is the roof. What good is a Garage without a car in it?

Convert a garage into a high-power shop. Give a place to all the rainy-day tools you have. For the self-improvement types, this is a no brainer. You need a place to not just keep and use but refine and maintain all your most important tools. Keep home improvement at home, but keep the clutter that makes it possible in the Garage.

The Storeroom

Sometimes we have more things than we need, and we can forget about them. But those things have a purpose, and can’t be thrown away. Do you leave your Christmas Tree out all year? If not, it has to go somewhere.

Get some standing closets, drawers and trunks to keep everything safe. If you arrange everything smartly, you can take it back out in no time. And add a lock to the sliding door to make it a whole package of security.

The Home Gym

Staying at home has put a lot of people off their regular routines. That includes time exercising, which used to be a passive group activity. But that treadmill and weight set makes noise, and can mess up carpets or hardwood floors. There has to be a better place for it all.

And that’s the Garage. Move out the car and work out. Step one of any decent workout is to move things into place, rack the weights and relocate the elliptical. You can even add some wiring to hook up an extra TV or stereo system and have your own full gym experience, Classic Rock Radio and all.

You car, your space

If you’re desperate for more space in your home, don’t leap to building an extension right away. Depending on what you’re looking to gain, you might already have it, and your car is keeping the space warm.