When it comes to décor, some people like modern, others industrial. There are a few others who are into shabby chic. The list is too long. 

The problem with most people is: they do not know how to explain what exactly it is they want. This is mostly due to a lack of appropriate vocabulary needed for describing one’s own interior design, someone else’s, or something they might have seen online. 

Since there are so many designs and styles, it can get a little intimidating to properly express yourself and your needs. Lucky for you, we have this mini blog written to address your concerns. In Trending Interior Decoration Styles for Your Home, you will come across names that will help you prepare yourself a bit better for when you go shopping for the kind of interior décor you want. 


Pretty well-known and understood. But what does modern décor entail? 

It is actually a broad term that encompasses cleanliness in design, crispiness in furniture color and ambience, a too simple outlook on color and the utilization of materials like steel, glass, and metal. Modernistic furniture has the most simplistic style in every element. There is a lack of clutter and an absence of unnecessary and unwanted accessories. Modern is what is trending the most today. 


This is something you might not have heard of. While it has almost the same meaning as modern, the terms are often used interchangeably in interior décor. What separates the two is the implications of the later 20th century. Contemporary styles may include curvy lines and sharper shades, but its modern counterpart includes softer, plain coloring and shades. Should fail to make the difference, look for patterns; there are close to none in modern interior décor and plentiful in contemporary. 


This is something we cannot get enough of.

Minimalism, as the name may reveal, refers to the simplistic décor. This is a sister design to Modern and includes an even lesser assortment or decoratives. In fact, the emptier, the better. But even that has a charm of its own. The open spaces that come with such décor are a high for many people and interior decorators. 


Industrial style, as can be gleamed from the name, derives its inspiration from the stylings of urban loft interior and warehouse décor. Modern office workspaces and beach resorts often have this kind of interior décor where there are high ceilings, dangling light fixtures, and a tad bit of functional furniture. Sometimes, you can also see artwork and paintings hanging for view, sculptures in noticeable corners, or photography on the walls. 


For the last of our trending interior decoration style for your home, we present the Scandinavian interior. Kind of like a cousin to the Minimalist style yet still different, the Scandinavian style features furniture and accessories being to the point and nothing is excess. Also, it is known for its moderate color palette of various light colors and pastel.