Kitchen Islands: Changing Spaces

Is your kitchen too big to cook in, but not quite big enough to double as a dining room? The cramped designs of old houses where the family would eat right next to where their food was cooked is a design that’s been lost in modern homes. Nowadays, people eat wherever they want. It’s advised, in fact, that people stick to their own spaces more often than not, or move to much wider spaces than a cramped, heated kitchen.

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While everyone may eat in a different room, there’s no reason to let the open floor go to waste. Consider installing an Island counter in your kitchen for all the good reasons there can be to have one.

Easy Storage

At a certain point, all the overhead cabinets will either get full or the spaces that are too far out of reach will become blatantly obvious. Unless you’re in the NBA, it’s not likely you’ll be storing heavy pots and pans in the cabinet shelves that touch the ceiling. For most people, floor-level storage is the safest bet. Even eye level can have problems when handling a finicky toaster or a heavy cast iron pan.

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A kitchen island can offer more space for more things, in the easiest range to reach them. If the kitchen is one with an already lower ceiling, it can even include higher storage cabinets for the taller folks.

Larger Surface Area

Think of all the things you have to prepare, even for simple meals. One bowl, one cutting board, a plate hold one or two ingredients, a place for all the spices you’ll use; sometimes there’s just not enough room to even start to cook.

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An island opens up more space. It can be used exclusively for prepping, giving the regular countertop more places for appliances that don’t have to be moved back and forth, in and out of storage. The reverse can also be done. With proper wiring, electrical outlets can be installed in safe, out-of-spill-range places where cords can reach but water or grease can’t. Nothing spoils dinner like a five-alarm fire. Install electrical outlets underneath the lip of the counter, along the sides of the island, so any cords can connect from up top while you chop and prep away safely.

Extra Set of Wet Hands

Take a look at your kitchen sink and ask yourself: How long have those plates been there? Are they already clean and you just forgot? The kitchen sink is not the cleanest sink in the house. The bathroom sink may have its share of problems but at least there’s not food left in it. Sink pipes get clogged more than any other pipe in a house on average.

Installing a second sink can open up a huge array of additional hygienic options. For one, this can finally be the place where you get the ever-useful garbage disposal installed. No need to mess with the sink you already have. That can be for water, washing and general cleaning while the new sink in its own separate place can function as an all-rounder soaker, defroster and garbage-eater.